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  1. I bought the armed and gorgeous palette and feel pretty much the same. The metallics look really good but my mates are patchy and take a lot of work when using. I agree that other Morphe palettes have better quality and hey are no where near the standard of the original Jaclyn Hill palette. Overall I was a bit disappointed.
    Kate x

    • I’m gutted for you! I was tempted to get that one, it’s so sad that they had all the trouble and the consumers still got a disappointing product. Thanks for reading lovely ♥︎ I’m headed over to your blog now for a nosy 😛

  2. The finger swatches are definitely fab as you said. I think the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe collab was too much too soon. When you releasing so many paletted back to back, comparisons are inevitable and it is difficult to be consistent.

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