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  1. I use to use lemon juice to get highlights in the summer. 10 minutes outside and the sun basically bakes the lemon juice, which causes it to lighten the hair that is naturally already a bit lighter, on your head.

    Basically the same idea as surfer highlights, but quicker.

    • I had heard of this but never knew it actually worked! Love a bit of home diy beauty 😋 not sure it’ll work for mine as mine has been bleached and dyed to an inch of its life 😂

      • Ya, I am fairly sure it only works for natural hair, though it might work on dyed hair that has dyed highlights. The acid might work funky on the dye though, so who knows what colour you would end up with, haha.

  2. I’ve been experiencing the same kind of dandruff and it’s so noticeable for me too since my hair is jet black. I’ll definitely have to try this out, thank you for sharing it! xx

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