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  1. I have never had a comment about wearing makeup! I have never been one to really wear makeup and the last few years I have started to buy it but I still don’t wear it everyday which is mainly due to habit of not wearing it so Im perfectly comfortable going to work bare faced and will try to make an effort to wear it on my days off or if I’m going out. I am however very much aware of how much stick girls can get from wearing too much or too little makeup and I hope its something that dies down soon x

    • Thanks for sharing Jen! I’m happy you’re happy rocking both looks. Yeah considering how big the makeup industry is you’d think the stigma would have gone by now. Thanks for reading lovely ♥︎

  2. There was a time when I would be going to a certain place a few times a year and there was this one person always there that would make fun of my “uneven” eyeshadow. While it did not bother me when she said it, what would was my friends asking the same thing after so many times of me brushing her off. I can do makeup just fine, but had a corrective surgery on my face when little, which has caused me to gain a double eyelid on one eye. So I basically have my normal one, then an extra indent almost all the way along over top of the natural. There is no magically makeup that can correct that. It would actually take another surgery. So I just roll with it.

    • Thanks so much for sharing lovely! That girl sounds the worst, wonder what she’d say about my uneven makeup looks haha. I know it’s difficult to remember when people say unkind things, but you are beautiful and your differences make you unique and you. ♥︎

      • It use to bother me a bit growing up, I got over it. It is funny though, because it is far worse now that I have a few wrinkles, you think it would bother me more. I am grateful for how I do look, it could be a lot worse, haha.

      • I think as we get older we become more confident and love ourselves more, I wish I had this confidence when I was younger 😂 I was insecure about so many things and now I’m like meh lol!

  3. I’m currently finishing up my last year of college and I’m definitely experiencing those vibes where you have to wear just enough makeup, but not too much to fit in! The natural look is very popular on campus, but I like to be bold and experiment sometimes. I have been in situations where people will be like “I don’t know why people do all that makeup! No one has time for it and there are better things to be doing!” and I’ll be sitting there with my full beat right next to them, pretending that I don’t hear them coming for my look. I think being more open about my love for makeup has helped, because it’s hard for people to try you in those situations if you hit them with some technical terms!

    • I think the student culture is really judgy, I’ve had people talking about makeup as if I’m not there before too! And I’ve had the whole “got nothing better to do” and “it’s shallow” lectured at me at uni.Don’t get why people think they can dictate how people present themselves to the world… You best keep rocking your looks girl at college! And I’m going to use some technical terms at my haters haha ♥︎

  4. I’ve definitely been shamed about the extent of my make up collection & about being a beauty blogger.
    Some of the girls at work follow my blog and are very supportive, others kind of stick there nose up at it or kind of snigger about me behind my back. Like you , I’ve stopped giving a shit, some days I come in full glam , others a bit more natural, I’m not confident enough to come in sans make up though!

    • They are probs just jealous of your collection! I’ve had sniggers from “friends” too although hilariously since I’ve started working with brands people are becoming more supportive, wonder why lol! You keep rocking what you want to wear! Thanks for sharing your experience lovely ♥︎

  5. I’ve never been shamed for wearing or not make up! Perhaps I’ve been extremely lucky (or just ignorant of all those people talking behind my back) 😀

  6. I have go through something similar especially the no make up situation. Sometimes I go overbroad with make up and don’t wear make up at all. Either way I don’t care . I worked in a jewellery shop last summer and a colleague well , manager from the other branch of the store asked me “where’s your make up?” When I explained that i didn’t have time this morning and all that. She was rudely saying to me that I should “put some on” once I go on my break. It was more of a personal attack and she was trying to say that I look like shit basically. I confronted her and stood up to her. Unfortunately she didn’t apologise and she was claiming she never meant it in any way. She still hurt me and I’m thinking if I should do a blog post about it. I don’t want to make it look like that im slagging her off but I simply want to talk about my own experience. What do you think? X

    • Hi Judith thanks for sharing your experience. I have a lot of friends who work in retail who have been told to change their appearance in some way by their manager. I think it’s not on! When it comes to writing a blog post about your experience, that’s a tricky one… When I write my own blog I don’t use any names and keep it quite general, I have a lot stories I’d like to share but I don’t as I can’t monitor who reads what I write and I don’t want any backlash. I also have stories about previous employment and interviews, but haven’t shared any incase future employers are put off by it. At the end of the day, your blog is your area of the internet and if you want to share it on your blog, I definitely encourage you not to use names. Hope this helped! ♥︎

  7. We can never win. People are so quick to judge I have been called a goth when in full smoky eye and I have been slammed for not wearing any. I just do what I want now and don’t care.

  8. I’ve been shamed by my own mum for wearing makeup. It’s taken a long time to just not care and go for it. There’s nothing I love more than putting a full face on and pretty much slaying in my own little way. I think, that because I’m a bit older the confidence has come.
    You just have to put your shoulders back and be you.
    Sally x

    • Thanks for stopping by Sally! It’s tough, but like you’ve said you need ignore those who don’t understand and slay in your own way! ♥︎

  9. I am a late bloomer myself. Honestly, I had no idea there was such a thing as makeup shaming. But why should people have a say in how we want to look anyway? I say it’s a personal choice how much or how little makeup we wear. 😽

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