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  1. My best friend was literally snapchatting me last night with her experience using that mask! Hers didn’t rip, but she definitely said it felt really weird to have the mask on! I think I’ll pass on any lip masks myself, but if you’re looking for more Tony Moly skincare, I’ve enjoyed their Banana Cream Foam Cleanser (which I’ve just run out of after a year of daily use)!

    • Haha yeah it is such an odd feeling having the mouth covered! Ooh thanks for the recommendation I’ll deffo check that out, I need some more products from the brand in my life and I also love that it’s lasted you ages!! Sounds like you deffo got your money’s worth♥︎

  2. Those jelly masks are not super impressing to me :/ Like yeah they’re cute and leave my lips slightly softer, but that’s about it. I do have a few laying around my house, but I probably wouldn’y buy more in the future

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