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  1. I have such a problem with Kourt K like it did apply very uneven at first but I wanted like a one swipe kind of look but with the dark colors I don’t think that’s possible, k think you have to build until it’s even. I love the color but I don’t think I’ll ever wear if unfortunately. Unless I just use the liner as the lipstick haha, I’ve also seen people use it as an eye liner and it looked amazing so I’ll still have some use for it!

    • Yeah I think as its so dark it’s difficult for it to be even, which is a shame. I’ve had to play around with it and perfect my skills 😛 I saw your last post on selling makeup, this sounds amazing as I get given stuff which I would never wear in a million years!

      Did you see that I nominated you for a Liebster Award?- I sent a message, but I fear that it might have gone in your blog spam 🙁

      • No!! I have no idea what a Liebster award is to be completely honest I’m still new to this! But thank you! I’ll check my messages. You sent it to my email?

      • It’s like an award for a blog you really enjoy and you set questions for the bloggger to get to know them better. I’m really sorry that the message hasn’t gone through, I had left it as a comment on one of your posts. I’m having difficulties with WordPress at the moment and I was wondering if my messages weren’t being received on posts, clearly their not! I’m going to have to contact them 🙁

      • Thank you so much, I enjoy yours also! I’m trying to branch out and write about different things but make up is my fav! ☺️

      • Thank you so much. I just saw your KFC nail polish post I’m going to have to read now haha. Who in the world would think that is a good idea?! Hahaha

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