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    • They are now cracking down with the customs fee, as Kylie Cosmetics were illegally filling out their customs declaration, so more people internationally would buy from her, presumably.

  1. Such an interesting read! I got a card through the post earlier saying I have to pay a customs charge of £16.06, which I never paid for on my last order… So annoying.

  2. I have just had a card through saying I have a £16 customs fee however my friend who lives in the same village doesn’t have to pay anything! Seems a bit shady tbh

    • Thanks for reading! I know, the company putting the values of the products seems to be doing it wrong, seems very shady! Hope you like your lipsticks though and it was worth it!

  3. Not happy for my teenager having to pay a custom fee which is grossly more than the the product is worth. All hype and ‘ sold out’ advertising has reeled in many gullible purchasers for the latest ‘ must hsve’ accessory. Defoe a money maker there!

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  5. I’m so annoyed. I received a letter though the post saying I have to go to my local post office to pick
    Up my lip kit and pay them a total of £15.90. I mean my
    Point is when you order it it says nothing about that sort of fee erghh 😞

  6. Had I read this post earlier I probably wouldn’t have bought the lip kit 🙁 I waited FOREVER and then Royal Mail slaps me with a note that I need to come in and pay to get my package. One lip kit, so much hassle.

    • Thanks for reading! Yeah, I try and buy a few to make it worth while. Really annoys me about the UK’s customs and handling charges, means I can’t buy as much! :p

  7. Hi, when you says if the package is worth more than £15 does that just mean the product itself or the postage included? I payed $16 for a gloss and overall $30 with postage so should I expect a customs fee? Thankyou for this article it really helped

    • Hi Holly, thanks for reading! Since this post went up, I ordered just a Literally gloss and did not have to pay a customs fee. When you have to pay a customs fee it is quite random as Kylie Cosmetics aren’t writing the right information on the declaration form. Also, I think the parcel might slip through the system, possibly what might have happened to me or simply that it was too cheap (under £15). If you do get charged I don’t think it will that much, sorry I can’t be more help! Be sure to let me know what happens 🙂

      • i just ordered a kyshadow pallet and two lipglosses from her and got home to a missed parcel thimng that said we oweed them £20 and this really upset me because i ordered these things in the sale sop then paying this fee it has gone up to the original price

      • Hi I have ordered from the site recently and was charged for customs here in the UK. My order was worth $70 and I paid £20. xx

  8. Same thing just happened to me, I have been waiting three weeks for my exposed lip kit to come through, when I have ordered from them before had arrived within a week with no customs fee at all! Then on my third and recent order I get slapped with a £11.95 customs fee!!! So annoyed as its one lip kit! Last time I ordered, I got candy k and marjo k in one order with no fee at all! They need to sort them selves out cos this is out of order tbh! Won’t stop me from purchasing again as I love the quality of the product but will make me like you said order more than one item to ensure the fees are worth paying! Love the article by the way X

    • Thanks for reading! I know it is so annoying, at least you didn’t have to pay customs every time. I haven’t ordered from them for a few months now as I want to make a bulk buy, not like I need anymore lipstick! Hope you enjoy your Lip Kits! X

  9. Ive just ordered the birthday lip bundle to the UK ($195) so how much customs do you think I will pay on that? I can’t afford after spending that much to pay another £50 on customs

    • Hi I hate break it to you but, you will be looking at a customs charge of £40-50 I think. When I ordered 1 Lip Kit and 1 gloss, with the value of $47 I payed a customs charge of £14.43. However, Kylie Cosmetics might undervalue the products on the declaration form like I’ve shown in this post, so you might pay less. Unfortunately, you won’t know until you get the slip through door from the post office.

    • Hello

      We have just go a Royal Mail slip saying we have to pay 37.59, which is a lot to pay. Annoyed that Kylie Jenner do not mention this at all on their website, will not be buying from them again, this is equivalent to working two days for my teenage daughter, on top of a product that is not that cheap anyway. Need to start selling it in UK

      • Hi Kate, Kylie doesn’t say anything as it has nothing to do with her, it is the UK government and the post office who decide the charge. You would expect to have the same charge if you ordered from any other site outside of the EU. Although this will change when we do eventually leave the EU.

  10. hi im 14 and when i firstly ordered from kylie cosmetics i made a purchase of one lip kit (candy k) and didnt get charged any customs and i didnt even know about custom charges until my second purchase and in it i bought like ,literally ,so cute and had a note from royal mail telling me i need to pay 14 pounds and 13 pence and they will only hold my package for a limited amount of days and if not payed they will send it back to kylie cosmetics and from what i heard kylie doesnt do refunds so i freaked out . i had no money because i only made the purchase . In the end i managed to get the money but my mum wasnt very pleased and since then i bought the birthday lip kit in the colour leo and im scared i will get charged again. I went on some custom fees calculating app and it said i should get charged about 7 pounds but even that is a lot for me . Is the lip kit really worth all this ?

    • Hi- If you are a fan of Kylie and will wear the Lip Kit often I think it’s worth it. The formula is really good. It is a lot of hassle though, with added charges from the UK post office which aren’t certain and a real pain. I don’t know what Leo is like but, I’m sure it’s great. I’ve looked on eBay and found that your Lip Kit is going for more than what you will have paid in total to get it, so that’s something to keep in mind. Also, it’s limited edition so it’s quite uncommon. There are other cheaper liquid lipsticks in Boots and Superdrug which would be much easier to get than Kylie Cosmetics products, maybe something to check out? I hope you get your parcel OK and that you enjoy it!

  11. Hi there , I’m trying to buy this for my girlfriend. Its a surprise, she wants a Lord Metal Lipstick its $19 and then plus postage which is like $15 which adds up to £30 then maybe extra money for customs. I found one on Ebay for £20 and many people bought from the seller and hes got over 300 positive feedback where shall I buy it?

    • Hi, to avoid disappointment I’d recommend you get it from the official website. I know someone who contacted the seller who said it was real, the seller had good reviews and it was a fake. Even if it is the real deal a lot people who are selling these lipsticks have actually tried them on and realised they don’t like them, so it’s unhygienic. I know it’s a bit more in cost, but I’m sure you’re girlfriend will love that you’ve got it from the main site. Also she’ll get the official box and postcard. Hope this helps!

  12. I ordered one lip kit from Kylie cosmetics, card from Royal Mail came today I have to pay a £12 customs fee, i think kylie cosmetics should state this it doesn’t seem right

    • I can see what you mean, although she’d have to do this for every country. It’s the UK government and post office who decide to add the charge, has nothing to do with companies we buy from in the USA.

  13. Just had the Royal Mail note posted saying that we have to pay £19.02 for customs charge. Already paid $15 for shipping. This lipstick is expensive enough. Now after paying the customs fee, my daughter will have spent nearly £90 for two lip kits and a lip gloss. This product better be worth it is all I can say.

  14. I’ve just received a Royal Mail card for £14.34 for my daughters Kyshadow pallette.. It cost a fortune as it was, so this is the final straw for me over £60 for eyeshadow frankly is disgusting.. Worth it or not.

  15. I’ve been avoiding the temptation that I get every time Kylie talks about her cosmetics on her Snapchat (which is maybe half the time), but with her recent snap about free shipping tomorrow I finally let myself look at her website.. Under ‘Shipping Policy’ it does actually mention that they are not responsible for any extra fees that you may be charged by your local postal service,, I don’t know if that’s a recent update on the website, but NOW it is something that they have technically addressed.

    • Hey. The free shipping is only for domestic shipping, this means only free to those in the USA. I just wanted to let you know incase you aren’t in the USA, and found out too late!

    • Hi, I’ve made several orders and it varies really. The quickest was a week and a half (the most recent order), the longest was five weeks. Sorry I can’t be more help!

    • Hi Kerenza, it normally takes between 2-3 weeks although I have waited for 5 weeks once as it took over a week to come to the UK and then it was in customs for a long time. The shortest I’ve received it, was within 10 days. 🙂

    • If you are going to wear them often and you have the money, I think they are really good. The only one I’m not nuts about is Kourt K, as it’s patchy. What ones are you thinking of getting?

  16. I have just received my Royal Mail card – to pay £12.48 – shame I hadn’t stumbled upon this story beforehand 🙁
    Nice little earner for the Royal Mail at £8 a pop handling fee!

  17. Ive just had the same problem I have wanted one for ages and havin just enough for the day she done the international shipping offer, thinking that would be that today get excited when I check the tracking and see its delivered to find a slip saying I have to pay £13 I’m rather upset about this as a single mum of 2 never purchasing from abroad before I had no clue about the custom charge 😢

  18. Just ordered my Ginger Lip kit and my friend ordered on the same day as the special $5 shipping fee here came the day before mine and she didn’t have to pay customs (bearing in mind she lives next door to me) and mine came the next day and I have to pay £12.48 for it! I’ve read up on all the emails and the website and it doesn’t say one thing about a customs charge. I’m so angry considering that it was never stated that there was a fee

  19. Hi, how long should I expect it to be in customs? According to the post office I just have to get my note and come pick it up, but they’ve had it there for 2 weeks already and I haven’t heard anything yet 😬😬

    • Hey Melinda, it really varies. One time it was in customs for one day, another two weeks and another five days. I say if you haven’t received anything in 3 weeks maybe contact the post office and see what’s up 🙂

  20. I payed £50 for my last order which was delivered no problem but I now have to pay a £24 customs fee ontop of my £40 order? So annoying!

  21. Just picked up my first lip kit as a present for my sister for Christmas. I’ve been slapped with a £12.72 charge ontop of the €43 that I’ve paid for the item and shipping it’s an absolute disgrace. The state of the box is disgusting , full of customs stickers and puncture holes. I absolutely CANNOT present her with this as a gift! Customer services have been made aware has anyone else had a problem with the state of the gift box?!

    • Hey Stephy, I’ve had a couple of my boxes be a bit beaten up. I don’t know if that’s because it has come from the US or if the UK post office has been a bit rough with it. I do get a lot of stickers from the UK post office all over it too, I know it is really annoying. The box inside does have the Kylie logo and drips so she might want it still, I’ve kept mine. 😛

      • The box is so tatty it’s unusable, I’m so so upset that I’ve had to pay for this! I’m gonna try my best to send it back. My sister can have something else instead! Should have just gone to mac, I literally could have bought 5 glosses or more with the amount I’ve spent on this junk.

  22. hey, i really want to buy the holiday edition collection which is $325. I have looked on royal mails website and it says you don’t get charged custom fees if you spend over £135, i got a custom fee last time when i bought two lip kits and i really don’t want to pay it again as it’s too expensive and a waste of money. However i saw that someone paid $195 for the birthday edition and still got charged customs and i’m sure that’s over £135?

    • Hey Bethany, I haven’t heard of not being charged in the UK if your parcel worth is over £135. I think it might be an increased charge. To be certain I would contact the Royal Mail to be sure, as if you are charged for the parcel it will be around £100 (I think) and you don’t want that shock!!

  23. Ok.. well.. my son ordered on the 11th November being assured it was UK – UK delivery, a friend of ours in the U.K. Was going to bring over the lipstick tomorrow the 2nd December as we live in Spain. No parcel still and after being told on the 17th November it had been despatched they will not reply to me know – so there hadn’t better be any customs fee”IF” it ever turns up. Dreadful service

  24. I’m so upset, I only wanted to buy a lip kit as a gift for a friend but ordered 2 extras only so I could get the free delivery and now i’m being charged £22.16 on top for customs. I could’ve gotten another lip kit with that price! It really wasn’t worth it, especially when you have no idea if the colours will even suit you 🙁
    Thank you for the article though, I was looking to see whether they had made a mistake and this really helped.

    • I know the customs charge can be pretty pricey, it is such a pain! I’m glad that you found my post useful 🙂 and I hope you and your friend like your Lip Kits!

  25. Kylie cosmetics could do more to alert those ordering in the UK to the customs charges. Especially whe you’ve order before without any! £21 🙁

    • I see what you mean, it is on the website that you might have pay extra. I guess the problem is if she does have a notice/ alert for one country she’d have to do it for all the others she ships to as well.

  26. Hey hun, love your article. I placed an order on Kylie Cosmetics on the 28th of November, and presumably it was shipped on the 29th. Im am still waiting for it to come and I am leaving on the 16th of December on holiday and I really want the package to arrive before then. In your experience, how long you had to wait for the package to arrive, including customs fee payment ?

    • Hey Alba, thanks for stopping by! It really varies, the wait is anywhere between 2-5 weeks. When it comes to customs I have found that the charge is actually going up here in the UK, perhaps due to the UK slowly getting ready to leave the EU. My last order was $78, I had to pay a £22 custom charge to the post office. I hope this helps!

  27. I received a charge of £33.57 today for an order for my daughter’s Christmas. I feel I have to pay it as this is the only present my daughter really wants for her Christmas. The website does not make this clear to UK customers I only noticed this morning their vague small print on possibility of paying a customs charge for which they are not responsible. Feel very let down at the unprofessional, unethical advertising misleading customers with the free shipping promise, considering there was a month delay in receiving the item I feel even more let down by this company. I have emailed them and await a response which I assume they will refer to the smallprint in their terms and conditions and fob me off. I will update this post if I receive a reply otherwise.

    • Sadly I don’t think the company will give you anything for the customs charge, as it’s the UK post office who have given you the charge as you’re importing items from outside the UK. It’s annoying, I know!

  28. I would never buy from her site again, iv just had my note off the post man wanting £17.52 custom charge and £8 for handling fee i paid $29 for koko k and $11 postage so in total ill have paid £65.52 for a lip kit!! ragin.

  29. I have just had a similar experience – got a note saying I owe £15 for extra postage fees – this was not expected at all! so in total I paid around £55 for a lip kit and a lip gloss! This should be sorted by the company or clearly advertised!

  30. Hi, I’ve just ordered some things while she had a ‘buy one get one free thing on’, so I paid $100 when the value of the products was $173. I was just wondering if I will get charged customs on the free items, and, if so, how much will it be roughly? I’m fine to pay £40-£50, just hope it won’t be more? Thanks a lot for this article, so helpful!

    • Hey Ellie, I was charged customs for free products from Kylie Cosmetics, which is annoying I know! I’m not too sure how much the charge will be… It does vary sometimes and I think that over a certain worth of the contents the customs is much higher. To give you an idea when I paid $100 I had a £30ish custom charge. Sorry I can be more help! Thanks for stopping by ❤️

  31. Please please please – if you are going to buy a LipKit, do not buy it from eBay or some random website. Although cheaper, it could ultimately harm your health. I bought “Pumpkin” as I wasn’t too sure on buying from, but it had Gasoline in it and came from China!!! Eventually, I bought it from the official website (along with 3 other items) and every penny was worth it. Don’t put your health above money – you wouldn’t do it for anything else, so why do it for Kylie?

    • Hi Jo, I couldn’t agree with you more!! Buying fakes is such a risky business and the makeup will never be the same quality and often isn’t even the same shade as the real. Thanks for stopping by!

  32. Hi!! I recently ordered 100 dollars from Kylie Cosmetics! I had saved for months (I’m 11) and I am really scared for the shipping tax! Do you know around what the shipping tax would be??

    • Hi Bella, the cost is normally 20% of the value of your parcel with another £8 for handling from Royal Mail. I think you’ll have a fee of around £28. Things have changed though recently due to Brexit, so this might have changed as well. Sorry I can’t be more help! X


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